A Sr. Word Press Web Developer, Copywriter and Digital Commerce specialist with a track record of working solo or as an integral part of a team, to drive results and deliver on time, and on budget. Working with clients (B2C and B2B) to develop web sites, integrate ecommerce solutions and craft multi-channel synergistic messages. Using experience and an extensive skill set to identify and overcome problems on the fly, while melding varied opinions and feedback into one cohesive, functioning solution.


Karmic Bliss Consulting (Digital Commerce Specialist & WordPress Web Developer):  04/14 – Present

Karmic Bliss is a web design company, working primarily with South Florida businesses. They help create and improve a company’s web presence by leveraging a diverse set of skills and expertise. Tailoring a solution that best works for them. Blending best web practices with an action-oriented approach, and a creative focus to build engaging, striking and effective sites.

  • Created easy to use membership site for 55+ condo that greatly improved community awareness and eliminated previous problems for residents.
  • Worked on multiple versions of a B2C ecommerce website for a brick-and-mortar store (over a decade) that brings in thousands of dollars a month, with over 2000 products. Including a B2B wholesale component. Worked on the WooCommerce platform extensively, on this site and across many others.
  • Worked with a concierge travel startup, creating websites, trifolds, business cards, and a mini-site one sheet. Helping develop the visual and copy style from the ground up. Facing the challenge of selling to a luxury market and presenting a product for that audience.
  • Became involved with a cancer awareness and research charity for close to a decade. Building 2-3 versions of their site and worked with them on a monthly basis. They do the NYC marathons, and a few local Florida events as their main drivers.
  • Crafted long term campaign aimed at breeching a new market for clients through deep market analysis, Facebook ads and Constant Contact. Achieved new highs for client’s prospect acquisition.
  • Worked with a client’s external team to build out an online event, creating the apparatus and marketing. It represented a next level of event for the client. Commerce Copywriter)10/12-02/14  

A health and wellness company that specializes in natural health solutions. The business incorporates beauty supplies, info products and supplements. Copywriters are hired to fuel the growth of these businesses. Creating copy for individual products on a rotating basis. One to two longer form projects, a couple shorter sales copy pieces and advertorial articles a month. It is the copywriter’s responsibility to direct each piece through the approval process, including copy meetings, review, legal and finally design.

  • Thoroughly researched each product, and potential sales angles. Sifting through it to identify most promising nuggets or gems with the greatest opportunity for potential response.
  • Used peer review structure to help implement changes to our sales messages and create better, more successful campaigns.
  • Ferried complex campaigns through gauntlet of processes and steps—including design, email and legal teams—until release standards were met.
  • Conducted A/b testing on individual campaigns, testing multiple factors over various sends to improve response.
  • Created high water marks for several products.

Agora Affiliate IFII (Ecommerce Copywriter, Campaign Manager) 08/2011 – 09/2012 

IFII was a subdivision of Agora publishing, a leader in the financial, investing and travel publishing industry. There remit, was to provide educational services. Copywriters were tasked with selling these services by creating long form copy and strategic campaigns. Outside of these campaigns, copywriters worked on smaller daily blasts and PPC campaigns mean to either sell a specific product, or for lead generation purposes.

  • Acted as team lead on large scale, multi-faceted 6 figure campaigns, marshalling resources, planning, working on sequencing and creating copy. Helped initiate legal standards and protocols after recent merger—negotiating with legal team members to ensure compliance and establish standard going forward.
  • Worked on large scale customer acquisition campaign with company and division’s head to revitalize customer base.
  • Identified shortfall in utilization of call center and created solution to help drive consumers to high converting sales people.
  • Updated long term track record for services with legal department, making sure everything was legally compliant, and track records for services could be used in materials.

Karmic Bliss Consulting (Web Designer & Ecommerce Marketing Mgr):  04/2010 – 08/2011 

Started during a time between jobs. Partnered up with someone else to form a business that specialized in web design, social media marketing, copy services and SEO work. They used every tool to drive leads through different mediums, to ultimately get more customers through the door. This includes web design, and creating copy for websites, products, marketing campaigns or social media.

  • Helped recruitment company boost job placements year over year.
  • Helped clients analyze their web presence and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Coordinated between clients and vendors to help deliver on results promised for projects.
  • Created and developed social media platforms for clients from top to bottom.
  • Recognized inexpensive opportunity for clients to boost their online prospect acquisition.

Agora Affiliate Sovereign Society (Ecommerce Copywriter): 01/2008 – 04/2010

Sovereign Society is a subdivision of Agora Publishing, a leader in the financial, investing and travel publishing industry. There remit is to provide financial services, and offshore investing. Copywriters were tasked with selling these services by creating long form copy and strategic campaigns. Outside of these campaigns, copywriters worked on smaller daily blasts and PPC campaigns mean to either sell a specific product, or for lead generation purposes.

  • Created ideas and wrote pages and ads for million-dollar AdWords account while new candidate was sought. Set new standard for conversions and leads.
  • Wrote successful campaign to target inactive users to “clean” list and generate sales.
  • As part of a four-man team helped turn around a flagging and forgotten product line that created a long term financial and new buyer windfall.
  • Was part of putting on successful international conference in Panama helping sell various products and promote our most expensive membership package.
  • Wrote a successful, and bullet heavy promotional piece for an offshore living book that was very successful.
  • Worked with other team members to edit and review copy to improve it through the peer review process.


New Horizon Technology Training:  2007

Dreamweaver 8 Levels 1 & 2 & 3

Flash Level’s 1 & 2

HTML 4.01: Web Authoring-Level 1 & 2

Photoshop CS2 Level 1 & 2 & 3

Photoshop CS2 Level 3 Photo Printing

InDesign CS2 Level 1 & 2

Photoshop CS2 Level 3 Web Production

Illustrator CS2 Level 1 & 2

Florida Atlantic University (AA Majored in English):  2001 – 2005

Dunbarton High School (Four year GED, one year college prep): 1996 – 2001

International Scrum Institute for Agile Practitioners  

Scrum Product Owner Accredited Certification, Scrum Product: 2015 


Microsoft Office:  Word, Excel, Power point, Excel, Outlook

Adobe:  Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Fireworks

Email Marketing Tools:  Constant Contact, AWeber, Mail Chimp, Infusionsoft

Content Management: WordPress, Joomla,, HTML, Squarespace

WordPress tools and plugins: WooCommerce, Elementor, Gravity Forms,

Server: Linux server,  WHM/CPanel, DNS Functions, Backups, Security, Operational Management, SSL, Transfers, 

Tools: Snag it, Basecamp, Camtasia, Google webmasters, Google Analytics, AdWords, Facebook Ad manager, Google AdWords, Microsoft teams, Google Meet, zoom, Divi

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